Hiram Titus

Play(s) in the PNA Catalog

> Alice in Wonderland (Zupanc)
> Mister Pickwick's Christmas
> Peter Pan (Mason)
> Puss in Boots
> Rembrandt Takes a Walk
> The Three Musketeers
> The Secret Garden
> Jack and the Beanstalk (Field)


Hiram Titus is a versatile and prolific composer who seamlessly integrates dramatic content and music in a career that spans over 30 years. His compositions have been described as evocative and expressive, often getting to the essence of a dramatic scene or idea with effortless fluidity. From his roots as a concert pianist, Hiram began a career learning how to compose and write music with an improvisational style and flair. Many of his ideas germinate from the seeds of improvisations, blossoming into intricate vocal and choral works or incidental music for the theater. Hiram has been described as an intuitive and stylistically diverse musician, bringing many levels of insight into a work of art. Mark Lamos, renowned Opera director and former Artistic director of Hartford Stage in Connecticut writes: "Hiram Titus is one of the most gifted composers of theater music in the United States. His intense and passionate musicianship is a godsend and an inspiration." Mr. Titus has composed numerous productions for both the Guthrie and the Children's Theater Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Some of his most popular works include "Great Expectations," "Hamlet," "A Christmas Carol," "Peter Pan," and "The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins." National opera houses including the Minnesota Opera and Houston Grand Opera have commissioned works from him. His most recent opera, "Rosina," inspired by the iconic Mozartian characters Rosina and Cherubino, premiered at the Minnesota Opera and has enjoyed many productions across the country. As a gifted music director and pianist, he has written and directed choral works for Unity Christ Church, serving as composer-in-residence for the past 15 years. The most recent concert of his works, including both secular and sacred texts, was performed and recorded in June 2006 by Hiram Titus and soprano Carrie Hennessey. A recipient of the ACE Award for "Puss in Boots" which aired on the Showtime channel, and the KUDOS Twin Cities Arts' Critics award, Hiram continues to write musical works for theater. His most recent musical, "The Hormel Girls," (lyrics and Book by Laurie Flanagan) will be produced by The History Theater in their 2007-2008 season. Hiram's diverse contribution to the musical canon includes film and television scores, numerous choral works, and pieces for orchestra, chamber ensemble, and solo piano.