Kevin Dyer

Play(s) in the PNA Catalog

> Angel
> Baghdad Zoo
> Minotaur
The Monster Under the Bed
> Rumplestiltskin


Kevin became a writer at the age of nine and a half when his teacher, Mister Fox, typed up a story he had written. The fact that one month later the nice Mr. Fox ran him over in his car (true!) did not deter him. He is now a playwright with over 50 commissioned plays behind him.

Kevin Dyer's plays include Baghdad Zoo (York Theatre Royal), The Bridge (Dundee Rep), Giving it Back (BBC Radio Four), Beauty and the Beast, Jason and the Argonauts, Merlin and the Adventures of King Arthur (Dukes Lancaster), Night Train, Generations, A Million Shades of Pink, and 12 Miles from Nowhere (Action Transport Theatre). Kevin is a published poet, a leader of creative-writing sessions, an actor, a theatre director, and an Associate Writer for Action Transport Theatre. He was short-listed in 2008 for the prestigious Brian Way Award for his radical reworking of Coleridge's The Rime of The Ancient Mariner (Sixth Sense). In 2009 The Monster Under the Bed (Polka Theatre) won the Writer's Guild of Great Britain Best Play for Children and Young People, and was also shortlisted for the Brian Way Award and the John Whiting Award. The Monster Under the Bed was presented at the Kennedy Center for the Arts 2008 New Visions/New Voices festival. Angel, originally produced at Theatre Hullabaloo, was shortlisted for the Writer's Guild Award for Best Play for Children and Young people 2012.