Lynne Alvarez

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> Esperanza Rising


Lynne Alvarez went to New York in 1977 as a poet and by 1979 she had won a CAPS grant for poetry and proceeded to serve as Vice President of the board of directors for Poets & Writers for ten years. She had great success as a poet and then in 1978 she turned abruptly to playwriting after attending a gathering of Hispanic writers at Miriam Colon's Puerto Rican Traveling Theater. At 31 she had never considered writing a play but she was now hooked. She wrote two plays under the auspices of this workshop which premiered at the St. Clements Theatre in 1983 and won her an NEA fellowship and entry into New Dramatists. Alvarez wrote several plays as a New Dramatist - including Hidden Parts which won a Kesselring Award in 1983 and premiered at Primary Stages in 1987; The Wonderful Tower of Humbert LaVoignet which won two awards. Alvarez has been commissioned as a translator of plays and poetry as well. She has translated three plays by the great contemporary Mexican playwright Felipe Santander. Lynne Alvarez passed away in 2009 after a long struggle with a brain tumor.