Moniek Merkx

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Moniek Merkx is a director, playwright, writer, teacher and dramaturg based in Amsterdam, Holland. Merkx studied Theater Arts at the University of Amsterdam at a time when theater makers were redefining the borders between dance, theater, music, and the visual arts. She began her professional career at Studio's Onafhakelijk Toneel in Rotterdam with an internship that turned into a professional engagement, and she became the dramaturg and the assistant director. In 1986, Merkx began working as a freelance dramaturg, director, teacher and writer with numerous theater and dance companies throughout Holland. Since 1989, Merkx has created many shows with the mime group Suver Nuver, among others. And since 1994, she has also been working closely with Theater Artemis to create shows for children. In 2003, Merkx became the Artistic Director of a well-known children's theater company in Holland called Max, formerly known as Maccus.