Great Titles for One-Act Competitions

It is almost time again for middle and high school one-act competitions! Our team of professional educators compiled our favorite picks for a stand out performance. Each of these titles includes permission to cut the script to your competition time limits. 

The Book of Everything 

Nine year-old Thomas can see things no one else can: tropical fish thriving in the Amsterdam canals, trumpeting sparrows and even a hailstorm of frogs. He also sees the unhappiness of his family, the violence in his father, and the pain that lingers long after the war is over. All this – good and bad – he carefully records in his magical and hopeful Book of Everything.


A Murder of Crows 

Inspired by the story of Hansel and Gretel, A Murder of Crows explores the themes of famine, family loyalties, and survival. An ensemble of actors weave a gothic story of the journey of two children navigating fear and abandonment, from the squawking perspective of a group of boisterous crows.


The Velveteen Rabbit

James receives a stuffed rabbit as a Christmas gift and the pair quickly become the best of friends. When the boy becomes sick, the rabbit's love heals the boy and, in return for his good deed, a fairy grants the Velveteen Rabbit life.





From the outside, Ruby seems like an ordinary teenager navigating a single school day. But inside, her brain is an out-of-control crash of anxious feelings. It feels like she is going to burst, and her best friend – the person she goes to when in trouble - is nowhere to be found. 

Through a series of insightful conversations with teens who face struggles with inner thoughts and neurodiversity, Kevin Dyer has crafted a fast paced, truthful, and theatrical portrayal of Ruby's everyday mental health journey. The play moves from disaster to hope as she discovers strength through the support of those around her. 



Based on Bram Stoker’s dark tale, this faithful, fast-moving adaptation tells the story of Dracula’s ultimate demise. The play begins with the arrival of Jonathon Harker at the home of Count Dracula in Transylvania. Unaware of Dracula’s evil and bloody lifestyle, Harker sets forth the sale of an estate in London to Dracula, and opens the door to Dracula’s reign of terror in Harker’s homeland. As Dracula moves on to his new estate, he leaves Harker behind as a meal for the horrible creatures that dwell at his Transylvanian home


Find these and other great UIL 1 act competition titles here


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