K12 PlayKit & Opening Act License

Plays for New Audiences K12 PlayKits are designed to give you everything you need for your upcoming school or competition performance without all the hassle, hoops, and uncertainty of traditional licensing. This one-time fee includes a PDF performance script/score, Copy License, Opening Act performance license, marketing materials, and more! 

K12 Kits are only available for accredited elementary, middle, high school, or homeschool performances. 

Have a question not answered below? Simply email pna@childrenstheatre.org or fill out the Contact Us form on our website. PNA staff will respond in 1-3 business days. 


How does this work?

Great question! Below is a step-by-step guide to helping you choose the right fit for your upcoming school production and obtaining your K12 PlayKit and Opening Act license:

  1. Spend some time looking at the K12 show options. Think about your ideal cast size, length of performance, and whether you want to perform a play or a musical. PNA provides a full copy of the script on each show page as well as all the details you need to help you make the right choice for your upcoming production. Click here for help finding the right fit!
  2. Once you have decided which show you would like to perform, coordinate with your school to decide on performance dates, location, and the number of performances that will be held.
  3. After you know your performance dates, location, and number of performances you are ready to purchase your digital PlayKit! On the show page, choose how many performances you will be holding in the drop-down menu. Pricing is based on how many performances are held. 
  4. Fill out the information on the webpage including performance dates, location, and school district information to confirm eligibility and add the PlayKit to your cart. 
  5. Complete payment via credit card. 
  6. Congratulations! Your PlayKit and Opening Act license is complete! You will receive an email link shortly after completion of payment with your full PlayKit and electronic resources. In the event that you do not receive this email link within 24-hours of completing payment, please reach out to pna@childrenstheatre.org. Our emails sometimes end up in spam or junk folders. 
  7. You are all set to hold auditions, start rehearsal, and advertise your show! We hope you break a leg! 

Can I preview the scripts before purchasing the K12 PlayKit? 

Yes! Each show page includes a link to read the script as well as full descriptions of the resources that are included in that specific PlayKit. Have further questions before you commit? Feel free to reach out to pna@childrenstheatre.org. We are happy to help!

What are the rules? 

All performance licenses come with a set of rules that ensure the production is being performed in the way the artists intend. Below is a list of a few of the terms and conditions for the Opening Act license:

  • Opening Act performance licenses are only available for accredited elementary, middle, or high school performances. 
  • Performances must be performed by student actors attending the school who purchased the license. 
  • Tickets must be $20 or less per ticket. 

You can find each show-specific Opening Act licensing agreement in your PlayKit. 

Do I actually have to pay royalties if the story I want to perform is in public domain? 

All PNA scripts are copyrighted works and therefore, you do need to pay royalties in order to perform them- regardless of whether they are based on a story in public domain. While the source story is in public domain, the playwright's specific adaptation of the work is not and therefore the artists involved need to be compensated. 

I represent a summer camp, non-profit organization, or extra-curricular activity designed for students but I am not affiliated with an accredited school. Can I get a license? 

Yes, however it will not be an Opening Act license as these are designed and grant funded for K-12 accredited elementary, middle, and high schools. Simply fill out a licensing application to receive your unique performance license quote. 

I am a homeschool theatre group. Can I get a license? 

Yes! You can purchase a K12 PlayKit just like other schools. 

What if my school plans to have more than 8 performances, cast adult actors, or charge more than $20 per ticket? 

No problem! Simply fill out a licensing application to receive your unique performance license quote. 

A title I am interested in performing is available in your main catalogue but it is not available as a K12 PlayKit. Can I still perform that show? 

Yes! You can fill out the licensing application to receive a licensing quote for any title in the PNA catalogue, even it is not available as a K12 PlayKit. 


Do you accept Purchase Orders for payment? 

Yes! Simply fill out an order form here and a PNA representative will email an invoice to your business office. Once we receive a copy of the official purchase order, all the electronic materials will be sent! 

I need a W-9 for my business office. Can you send that to me? 

Yes! Click here to download PNA's W9. Or simply email pna@childrenstheatre.org with your request and any forms you need us to complete to become a vendor for your school district. We will respond within 1-3 business days. 

Where does the income from these PlayKits go? 

As a non-profit licensing company, PNA's mission is to ensure artists such as playwrights and composers are compensated for their work as well as ensuring that plays created by some of the leading theatres for young audiences and actors continue to reach new audiences. Therefore, the income generated from all licenses is funneled directly into supporting the artists who wrote your show as well as creating in new work. Stay tuned for new titles! 

Scripts & Materials 

What is included in the PlayKit? 

Each PlayKit includes all the resources you need for your rehearsal and performances. A breakdown of what is included for each title is listed on each show page but most titles include: 

  • PDF electronic script and/or score
  • Copy license to copy materials for your cast & crew
  • Director's Guide including FAQ specific to the title, suggested rehearsal room activities, and tips for your auditions. 
  • Marketing package including logos, graphics, and poster PNG & SVG files that can be used to advertise your performance.
  • and more! 

Can I buy physical copies of the scripts for my students? 

At this time, PNA does not have physical copies of scripts available for sale. However, each license includes a copy license which allows you to photocopy the provided electronic resources for your production team. 

What if I want to make changes to the script? 

It may seen innocuous to swap a few words here and there, change a character's gender, or cut sections of the script, keep in mind that the script is the playwright's art and our goal is to maintain their artistic vision. Any script edits must be approved by Plays for New Audiences and the playwright. The only exception are the select scripts that allow cutting only for educational competitions. Refer to each show page or your PlayKit for show-specific requirements. In the event that you need to make a change that typically would not be allowed under your license, please reach out by filling out the script change request here. We are often able to facilitate a conversation between the school and the playwright to help find a solution for your production. 

Can I add roles? 

Each show is designed to accommodate a certain number of characters and ensemble members. Many of the K12 Scripts were chosen because of their casting flexibility! Feel free to add cast members as long as your script permits. However, keep in mind that you cannot alter the script or split existing roles without permission from PNA and/or the playwright. 


We want to add additional performances. How do we do that? 

Whether you are adding a performance for competition or to accommodate more audience members, we are happy to help! You can add a performance by filling out the form here. The PNA team will send you an invoice for your additional performance and ensure your Opening Act license is updated. 

Can we video tape the performance to share on social media? 

While you can film the show for archival purposes, PNA titles are not authorized to be shared publicly on social media, sold on DVD, or electronically distributed to online audiences. However, you are welcome to film up to 30-second clips for use in marketing and advertisement.

Do I have to pay for a performance even if we aren't charging admission?

Yes, an Opening Act performance license is required under the law, whether or not admission is charged. These can include "invited" dress rehearsals, benefit performances, pay-what-you-can performances, etc. A valid performance license is required for all of these performances. Performances held without a license violates Copyright laws, prevents the writers from being paid, and may result in hefty fines or lawsuits under the federal law. In the age of the internet, it is relatively easy to find unauthorized productions so make sure your school has obtained your PlayKit and Opening Act performance license prior to starting rehearsal, advertising, or selling tickets to your production. 

Oh, No! We need to change the date of our performances. How can we do that?

No problem! Simply fill out the form here and choose "Reschedule an existing Opening Act license." Once we have this information, we can get your performance license updated with the correct date.