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Ellen Maddow is a founding member of the New York Based Talking Band and has written text and music for many of its works, including The Peripherals (an indie rock musical), Panic! Euphoria! Blackout, Flip Side (published in Plays and Playwrights 2010), Delicious Rivers, Painted Snake in a Painted Chair (for which she has received an Obie Award), and five pieces about the avant-garde housewife, Betty Suffer. She also wrote music for Talking Band's productions of The Walk Across America for Mother Earth (by Taylor Mac), Star Messengers, Radnevsky's Real Magic, Belize and The Parrot (by Paul Zimet). Ellen is the recipient of the Frederick Loewe Award in Musical Theatre, a McKnight Playwriting Fellowship, NEA/TCG Theatre Residency Program for Playwrights, numerous Meet the Composer grants, ASCAP Special Awards and a New York Theatre.com People of the Year Award. She was a member of the Open Theatre and an alumnus of New Dramatists.