Educator Script Club

We know that finding the right scripts to use in your classroom is hard! PNA's Educator Script Club provides a free PDF script to teachers each month. Each script is specifically chosen by our team of professional arts educators for use in the classroom and includes permission to copy the PDF for your classroom. Additionally, we provide scene work suggestions to help you easily integrate arts-based learning into your classroom!


The script for July 2024 is Antigone by Greg Banks

Antigone by Greg BanksIt takes guts to stand up to the most powerful man in the country. Especially when you’re 15. After both of her brothers kill each other in opposing sides of a war, Antigone dares to defy her uncle, King Creon, by burying her ‘traitor’ brother in spite of the cautions of her sister, Ismene. What follows is a faithful rendering of Sophocles' classic tale that calls into question notions of just leadership, the authority of elders over youth, and the responsibility of the individual versus rules of society. In the character of Antigone, young people will find a worthy heroine unafraid to stand up for what she believes is right against all odds. 

“When [Antigone] casts those burning eyes into the audience and proclaims that ‘What a person can do, a person ought to do,’ it makes you want to run out and paint a picket sign for whatever you happen to believe in.” -St. Paul Pioneer Press