Educator Script Club

We know that finding the right scripts to use in your classroom is hard! PNA's Educator Script Club provides a free PDF script to teachers each month. Each script is specifically chosen by our team of professional arts educators for use in the classroom and includes permission to copy the PDF for your classroom. Additionally, we provide scene work suggestions to help you easily integrate arts-based learning into your classroom!


The script for September 2023 is Ever After by Ashely Griffin

Snow White, Cinderella, and all the rest have secretly taken refuge in the real world, determined to finally have their "Happily Ever After" after fleeing persecution from the Evil Queen. But Snow White's daughter doesn't find anything happy about it. Having to keep her identity a secret while listening to kids at school tell AWFUL stories about her mother being nothing but a damsel in distress is driving her mad! But when the Evil Queen finds a way to get into the real world, the fairy tale characters must work together to protect their last chance of a happy ending.