Educator Script Club

We know that finding the right scripts to use in your classroom is hard! PNA's Educator Script Club provides a free PDF script to teachers each month. Each script is specifically chosen by our team of professional arts educators for use in the classroom and includes permission to copy the PDF for your classroom. Additionally, we provide scene work suggestions to help you easily integrate arts-based learning into your classroom!


The script for October 2023 is Dracula: Origins by Don Fleming

Vlad, prince of Transylvania, fights to protect his land from the cruel Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. After his father's death in battle, Vlad becomes ruler and seeks supernatural strength from witches to defeat the Turkish warrior who killed his father. He becomes a nosferatu, an undead vampire, and defeats the warrior, but his thirst for blood overpowers him as he faces eternal isolation in the Transylvanian mountains. Will he succumb to his dark desires or find a way to redeem himself? Only time will tell.