Educator Script Club

We know that finding the right scripts to use in your classroom is hard! PNA's Educator Script Club provides a free PDF script to teachers each month. Each script is specifically chosen by our team of professional arts educators for use in the classroom and includes permission to copy the PDF for your classroom. Additionally, we provide scene work suggestions to help you easily integrate arts-based learning into your classroom!


The script for April 2024 is The Hundred Dresses by Mary Hall Surface

Wanda Petronski just wants to join the fun of having friends like everyone else. But in 1930’s small town America, a Polish immigrant doesn’t easily fit in. When Maddie’s best friend Peggy starts to tease Wanda, Maddie knows it isn’t right. When the teasing doesn’t stop and the Petronskis move to get away from the town’s prejudices, Maddie is wracked with guilt. She soon realized that allowing her friend to be a bully can be just as bad as acting that way herself. Determined not to let her fear get the best of her again, Maddie braves the scorn of her classmates and stands up to them, making an unlikely friend in the process.

“Everyone has been in Maddie’s situation. Everyone has faced peer pressure. These characters tell us that we, like them, can make the right choice next time.” –Teen Tix, Seattle

“What sets the play…apart is its quiet, unexaggerated depiction of xenophobia, and how poverty comes in different sizes and shades.” –The Seattle Times