Kate Haderlie

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A Bad Case of Stripes: The Musical


playwright and lyricist, Kate Haderlie

KATE HADERLIE was born in McMinnville, Oregon, where she attended her first musical theatre camp at age 6 and was instantly hooked. Her parents fostered her love for musicals, raising her on the works of Irving Berlin, Leonard Bernstein, Rogers & Hammerstein, Stephen Sondheim, and Andrew Lloyd Webber. They provided plenty of napkins when she started scribbling lyrics on road trips at the age of 10. 

Kate graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho in 2012 with her degree in Music, Theatre, and Creative Writing. She took first place at the 2012 R&CW conference with her short play More Than A Dog, and premiered her first one-act musical A Christmas Quilting Bee later that year. She is a family-focused musical theatre writer who believes in the transformative power of theater for all ages. 

Passionate about performing arts in the community, Kate has been an active volunteer in theaters and choirs for over 20 years. She teaches music and theater classes at multiple studios, and is actively involved in her local church. In her spare time, Kate likes to write songs in the shower, bake cookies, and play freeze tag with her kids. She lives in Idaho with her husband Forrest and their two children, Ellen and Jay.