Bret Fetzer

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> Everyone Knows What a Dragon Looks Like


Bret Fetzer writes plays and original fairy tales. Everyone Knows What a Dragon Looks Like was produced in Summer of 2007 by Seattle Children's Theatre. His other plays include an adaptation of Beauty & The Beast (produced by Honolulu Theatre for Youth), as well as numerous plays for adults, including Passport, The Changeling (adapted from the revenge tragedy by Thomas Middleton), Planet Janet, The Story of the Bull, The Three Policemen, and others. Avalanche, a one-act play co-written with Juliet Waller Pruzan, was published in Fall 2006 edition of The Kenyon Review. His two collections of original fairy tales, Petals & Thorns and Tooth & Tongue, are available through Bret is the artistic director of Annex Theatre in Seattle, WA. He also wrote the narration for the documentary film Le Petomane: Fin de Siecle Fartiste, directed by Igor Vamos.