Christer Dahl

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Christer Dahl is a frequent moviegoer (favorites: Fellini, Bergman, Almodovar), theater-goer (favorites: Sjöberg, Grotowski and cheese) and avid reader of fiction (favorites: Kafka and Astrid Lindgren) and various scientific ditto (clear favorite: Antonio Damaso). Christer received training at the Swedish Film Institute Film School (directing education). He lives with his beloved wife, children and dogs.

Christer worked from 1968-1988 as a film director (film & TV) and writer (under the pseudonym Kenneth Ahl). From 1990-2010 Christer was an actor, writer, puppeteer, and director for Dockteatern Tittut in Sweeden, where he developed notable work such as Little Tiger & Little Bear, has toured to numerous countries across the globe, and has won many awards including the Puppet Theatre Tittut Theater Critics' Prize in 2008.