Lonnie Carter

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> The Lost Boys of Sudan


Lonnie Carter, a charter member of the Victory Gardens Playwrights Ensemble, has spent nearly 30 years writing plays that jump racial and ethnic boundaries. He is widely acclaimed for his hip-hop dialect and rhythms, syncopated poetry and prose, humor, pathos, and sharp social commentary. Among his major plays are The Sovereign State of Boogedy Boogedy, Gulliver, Lemuel and last season's Victory Gardens world premiere, Wheatley, which was nominated\n for a Joseph Jefferson Best Play Award. The Romance of Mango Rubio, produced by Ma-Yi Theater Company in New York, won eight Obies in 2003. These and others have been performed at Victory Gardens, La Mama, E.T.C. in New York, the\n American Place Theater, Laguna Playhouse, Long Wharf and the Yale Repertory Theater in New Haven. Carter has taught playwriting in the Dramatic Writing Program at New York University since 1979. He is a recent alumnus of New York's New Dramatists and graduate of Marquette University and the Yale School of Drama. He was one of the youngest writers to receive a Solomon Guggenheim Fellowship, was twice a Fellow of the National Endowment for the Arts, twice a Fellow of the Connecticut Commission on the Arts and a Jenny McKean Moore Fellow at The George Washington University.