Celebrate Snow!

Snow is just starting to fall as many places around the world prepare for the winter holidays. To celebrate, below is a list of plays that are sure to add some frosty fun to your upcoming season! 


A Spell of Cold Weather 
by Charles Way

Betty and Bob have lost touch with each other, their farm, their animals and their own culture. In the time between Christmas and New Year, Betty and Bob get a surprise. Their little niece Holly needs to come and stay because her Mum is having an operation. When Holly arrives she feels very alone in a strange world with no friends. Things pick up however when she meets Tomos Trickman, a puck like fairy who explains to Holly how the two farmers have forgotten how to sing, dance and play games, and worst of all the refuse to believe he exists and have stopped putting food out for him in the traditional manner. Together Holly and Tomos bring the farm back to spiritual health and the play ends with an unforgettable, magical, New Year’s night party.



One Snowy Night
by Charles Way

In an isolated part of Iceland at the beginning of the last century, winter still has its grip on the land. Mother declares that she must travel to a safer place to have her new baby, and Father wants Nonni to stay home and look after the sheep, especially his favorite, Gullbra. Nonni is angry and upset, and finds no comfort in the fact that Father leaves behind his sheepdog Titla behind as company. After his parents leave there is a great storm and Gullbra runs off into the snowy wastes. Nonni is frightened of letting his father down and sets off after the sheep. Titla follows and an amazing event occurs- suddenly the boy and dog can understand each other perfectly. Their journey in search of Gullbra leads them into an extraordinary landscape, both real and metaphorical.



by Greg Taylor 

Young Jessica Riggs’ family has fallen on hard times. Still, she keeps her belief in Santa Claus and the idea that there are miracles in the world. When an injured reindeer appears in Jessica’s backyard, she believes it is Prancer. While she is nursing the creature back to health, the whole community of Three Oaks eventually learns about Prancer, causing big problems for Jessica as she tries to return the reindeer home. Based on the cherished film, Prancer, this piece uses a heartwarming story and breathtaking puppetry to bring light into your holiday season.



Night Before Christmas 
by Charles Way

Jimmy is living with his grandparents while Jimmy’s mother has gone to fight in the war. Nights are cold, there is little to eat, and they constantly have to run to the shelter to avoid air raid bombings. It seems a distant memory when anyone could really celebrate Christmas. But, when Jimmy rescues a woman from the rubble, his whole world is turned upside down. The rescued woman insists that she is the wife of Father Christmas and that Jimmy must help her rescue him from the dubious Frost. Jimmy defeats Frost with his forgiveness and warmth, and with his friends, manages to save Christmas.



The Snow Queen
by Ashley Griffin

This classic story which inspired the Disney film, Frozen, has been skillfully adapted for the stage with a large cast. After Kay gets an enchanted mirror shard in her eye, her demeanor changes as she falls under the Snow Queen's spell and is whisked away to the queen's castle. Gerda embarks on a mission across the frozen tundra and through the seasons to save her best friend.  




The Snowy Day and Other Stories by Ezra Jack Keats 
by Jerome Hairston

The wonder of a fresh snowfall, the delight of whistling for the first time, the awe in finding a special treasure comes to life in The Snowy Day and Other Stories by Ezra Jack Keats. This story celebrates the joy in the small moments of a child’s world.

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