Introducing 'Tiny Treasures' by Kevin Dyer

PNA is proud to introduce Tiny Treasures by Kevin Dyer as the newest addition to our catalogue! To celebrate, we sat down with Kevin to talk about this newest piece! 

Kevin became a writer at the age of nine and a half when his teacher, Mister Fox, typed up a story he had written. The fact that one month later the nice Mr. Fox ran him over in his car (true!) did not deter him. He is now a playwright with over 50 commissioned plays behind him.

Tiny Treasures tells the story of James who is a young carer for his mother and sister. Why is this story important?

Most of our lives are largely secret. That is, we have private things that make up most of who we are. (Often the most important parts of who we are.) Sometimes, if we scratch at the surface, we can see what is really important in someone’s life – and then understand them better. It also means, if they need support, we can help them. I am pretty sure, for example, that virtually no-one in James’s class at school knew what was really going on in his home-life.



What do you hope audiences take away from this story?

There are two types of people that will see this play – those who are carers and those who are not. I think the first group will be able to see their own experiences and, possibly, feel less alone. The latter group will have a small window into a world they might not have seen before.

Also, the play is the story of a young boy who is trying to do his best when the world is really challenging for him. A lot of us can see parallels with that. Similarly, grown-ups might connect with the Mum in the story, and spend a little time empathizing with her. I use the word ‘empathize’ because that is one of the big things that theatre does, isn’t it – allows us to spend a little time up close with someone in trouble, and get to understand and feel for them. Maybe theatre, when it works well, helps us get another perspective to view the world.



What is next for you? What should we keep an eye out for?

I am in the middle of rewriting two plays ‘Little Red’ – about a girl who goes into the forest and faces a very charming, dangerous, banjo playing wolf – and ‘Rumplestiltskin’ – about a girl who gets in a real mess, but refuses to be beaten by it all. They will both be on this Christmas in different corners of the UK. 



Where can audiences find out more about your work?


or through PNA.

Or I live in North Wales. Come round for a cup of tea. The kettle is always on.


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