Brendan Murray

Plays in the PNA Catalogue

> After You
Barney Carey Gets His Wings
> Big Baby
> The Big Magic
> The Delicious Revenge of Princess Rubyslippers
> Eliza's House
> Hare and Tortoise
> How High Is Up?
> Scarlet Ribbons
> The Scent of the Roses: The Unlikely Tales of Molly Moonshine
> Under the Bed
> Monday's Child
> Lifeboat
> On the Beach
> The Seal Wife


Brendan is one of the UK’s leading playwrights for new audiences. In a career of over forty years he’s written for most of the UK’s major TYA  companies and his plays have been produced throughout the world, winning both of the UK’s premier awards for TYA  on more than one occasion. You can find details of these, press reviews, his work as a director & teacher, and of all his plays at