Christmas Plays and Musicals for Your School Holiday Production

Explore our enchanting collection of Christmas plays, perfect for festive celebrations and holiday performances at your school. From heartwarming classics to whimsical originals, bring the magic of the season to the stage at your school!



Young Jessica Riggs’ family has fallen on hard times. Still, she keeps her belief in Santa Claus and the idea that there are miracles in the world. When an injured reindeer appears in Jessica’s backyard, she believes it is Prancer. While she is nursing the creature back to health, the whole community of Three Oaks eventually learns about Prancer, causing big problems for Jessica as she tries to return the reindeer home. Based on the cherished film, Prancer, this piece uses a heartwarming story and breathtaking puppetry to bring light into your holiday season.



Mrs. Covington of Dorsett Middle School has high aspirations for the holiday show — a production of the classic “Nutcracker Suite” with singing and almost-dancing. Not so fast! There are auditions with a lunch box poem, a James Cagney impersonation, and a recitation of state capitals. And there is a dress rehearsal with soccer team mice, a Sugar Plum Fairy with earphones, and a Fearsome Struggle — not to mention a tuba solo and flying debris.


A Christmas Carol

This classic Christmas tale is re-energized to include a doll toting girl, and recreate the role of Ebenezer Scrooge making him less an evil tyrant and more a gentle old man with psychological hang-ups. This interpretation of a Christmas Carol leans toward being a study of the character of Scrooge while still playing out our favorite Holiday tale of the magic of Christmas.


The Velveteen Rabbit 

James receives a stuffed rabbit as a Christmas gift and the pair quickly become the best of friends. When the boy becomes sick, the rabbit's love heals the boy and, in return for his good deed, a fairy grants the Velveteen Rabbit life.


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